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Office 2010 Toolkit And EZ-Activator V 2.1.6 Final danyaysh




I'm attempting to install a windows update for Microsoft Office 2010 on a server. When the windows update runs, it's giving me an error stating 'An error occured in the install package of Microsoft Office 2010 Toolkit and Ez-v 2.1.6 Final". I've tried to run the installer again and again, without success. I can't install any other updates, or download any programs from microsoft's site. I have tried googling for answers and tried many of the tips I've read here, but none of them seem to work. Any help is appreciated. A: Finally, this is a result of an issue with your anti-virus program. I downloaded the original update file here and had the same issue. I then downloaded a clean copy from the same page. After this, I was able to install the update successfully. I do not recommend doing this, but in the interest of saving someone else time, it might work for you. Q: How to pass variable number of parameters to a function in python This has been asked several times in various forms but none of the solutions work for me I have a function that takes one argument. I want to pass an arbitrary number of arbitrary arguments to this function The solutions I have tried are def testfunc(x, y): print x + y # this doesnt work testfunc(a, b, c) testfunc(*args) testfunc(*(args,)) This works: def testfunc(*params): print(params) testfunc(1, 2, 3) So the solution is to use the * character in the function signature. Python also supports multiple argument "unpacking" print params The following works for me: >>> testfunc(1,2,3) [1, 2, 3] The * in the function definition means you're declaring the function takes an arbitrary number of parameters. This function is declared as accepting any number of parameters and can be called in the same way as any other function. For example: >>> testfunc(1,2,



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Office 2010 Toolkit And EZ-Activator V 2.1.6 Final danyaysh

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